Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Nissan AD 1991 of release nissan sentra exhaust repair

The Nissan AD 1991 of release (4WD,) I have bought the carburettor in Vladivostok in the spring of 1999, to Irkutsk have delivered on a platform by rail. At purchase on a speedmeter there were 60000 km of run. The interior was in a quite good condition - on firm "four", the condition of a body of censures did not cause. Survey of the bottom has left quite iridescent impression - as though the car was not maintained at all. Any smudges, cracks or dents it was revealed not.
At once oil in the engine, with preliminary washing,nissan sentra exhaust repair and accordingly oil and air filters has been replaced. At carrying out of these works it was found out, that the old air filter is very polluted also his replacement was quite duly and justified, the "native" oil was the engine, strongly developed did not look, but to replace it nevertheless costed. Would note still efficiency of washing of the engine domestic promyvochnym oil - filled in in the engine absolutely pure (as "tear"), it after plum has noticeably grown turbid.
Oshchutimo labour-consuming there was a replacement of the oil filter, access to which has been complicated both from above, and from below from a hole. To reach it it was possible, only having removed the right forward wheel, and then having pushed a hand through vyrez an apron of a drive to turn off it was necessary to the touch. Careful survey of the engine and a running part also for frustration has not given occasions.
On the car engine GA-15 DS - volume 1500 cube is established. The sm, two cam-shafts and 16 valves. His feature is the chain nissan sentra exhaust repair drive of cam-shafts. The power supply system - the carburettor. A mechanical check point 5-step. The wheel formula of the car is unusual: to a forward drive if necessary the button located on the lever of a check point, connects the back bridge. During operation such scheme has shown the practicality and good characteristics, as at operation in complex road conditions - a dirt, a snow, ice, and on economic parameters. In particular, with the disconnected back drive the charge of fuel on 100 km on road in Listvjanku with two adults and two children - only 6 litres of gasoline. Steering management - reechnoe, without the hydraulic booster. The interior is simple, without excesses, as much as possible functional. The car is completed by the elementary radio receiver of an AM-range with built in in it dinamikom. The instrument panel consists of a speedmeter, indexes of fuel and temperature, emergency pressure of oil and the indicator zarjadki the accumulator. Two degrees of adjustment have forward seats, and also the emphasis under a waist that is convenient enough is adjusted. Back seats develop forward, forming the big luggage space. Capacity of a luggage carrier allows to transport a high-grade sofa. Despite of the external sizes of the car approximately compared about VAZ-2102 or VAZ-2104, internal volume of a luggage space much more. There is also a underside - the back seat is close located to forward and if the tall passenger forward sits down, behind vital space does not remain. There is a conditioner, shown in the summer high efficiency. And here work of an oven has revealed lack of capacity in the winter. Ahead still warmly, and here in area of a back seat, especially below, in legs (having blown there it is not stipulated), cool enough. The interior gets warm slowly, but at long continuous work of the engine "to heat" it quite really.
The native accumulator is closer to autumn absolutely oslab. It has been decided to establish full-size in capacity 55 for what it was necessary to alter a shelf under it and to replace plugs on wires. Spark plugs have simultaneously been replaced.
The first breakage began to flow a radiator. It removed twice and tried to glue, but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. It was necessary to replace with the bought radiator second-hand.
On the move the car is hardish (that, however, explainably, it all is close on ideology to a truck), the safe load makes 400 kg, however, at loading a back part of car goes more softly.